100 years ago, the king built an army of 650 soldiers, this is history.

Due to the borders of Rajasthan’s Dholpur district with Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh, maintaining law and order and peace is a big challenge. The rugged Chambal has been a refuge for dacoits and miscreants since the beginning. The history of the district has been famous since the beginning in the story of gun, rebel and crook. But the Sixth Battalion of the RAC of the district, while showing the valor of bravery, took on the dreaded dacoits and miscreants.

The 100-year history of the RAC Sixth Battalion is complete. District Superintendent of Police and RAC Commandant Mridul Kachhwa has launched a teaser on YouTube. This documentary showcases the bravery skills of the RAC 6th Battalion. The RAC 6th Battalion of the district is known for its indomitable courage, bravery and its glorious history. Countless warriors of this battalion have not shied away from internal security to border security and from vigilance on the international border to the killing of lives in the ravines of Chambal for the elimination of bandits.

100 years ago, the king built an army of 650 soldiers, this is history.

What is the history of the

Sixth Battalion The brave soldiers of the Sixth Battalion have played an important role in maintaining social peace by being fearless and fearless for the society and the generations to come. About 100 years ago in August 1918, Rana Udaybhan Singh, the then Maharaja of the princely state of Dholpur, set up the 143rd Narsingh Infantry with 650 personnel in the name of his presiding deity Narasimha Bhagwan as Imperial Service Troops under the leadership of British Commanding Officer James Patters. was.

100 years ago, the king built an army of 650 soldiers, this is history.

The soldiers used to sit on the camel and monitor the border,

historian Dr. Parmesh Chandra Pathak says that after the end of the First World War, in 1919, the 143rd Nursing Infantry was given a new identity as the Indian State Force (ISF). The current Quarter Guard Building was constructed in 1935. After independence from 1947 to 1952, the 143rd Narsingh Infantry served as a Provincial Armed Constabulary (PAC). These jawans, along with the Central Reserve Police Force, took the responsibility of sitting on a camel of the 1040 km long international border adjoining Pakistan. At the same time, these jawans had firmly fought the challenges of infiltration, loot, theft, robbery on this international border.

In 1952, it was decided by the Rajasthan government to set up a special force which could take care of the international border security as well as a serious problem like robbery and in the event of deteriorating law and order, internal security was also taken up with the civil police. Could. With this objective, the Rajasthan Government constituted the Rajasthan Armed Constabulary (RAC) in the year 1952. In honor of the RAC jawans, the government camel has recognized its state animal camel as the identity of the RAC, which every soldier wears with great pride on his uniform.

The fear of the bandits in the rugged ended The fear of the bandits

in the ravages of Chambal was in its peak in the 50s, so the 1st Battalion RAC was stationed in the present 6th Battalion RAC complex. In 1982, the Government of Rajasthan, after separating Dholpur from Bharatpur, was declared as an independent district. In view of law and order, the demand for additional police force also came in front of the government. Then in 1984, the soldiers of Dholpur RAC got a new identity as their independent Sixth Battalion RAC.

100 years ago, the king built an army of 650 soldiers, this is history.

Not only this, at present, the caravan of the sixth battalion of RAC is being operated in the building of the erstwhile princely state. RAC soldiers have made significant contribution in other areas apart from the elimination of bandit. The jawans have also won gold medals in sports like judo-karate, boxing, volleyball, handball, hockey, wrestling etc. while discharging their duties.

In the documentary launched,

on completion of RAC’s 100-year glorious history, Superintendent of Police Mridul Kachhava thought of making a documentary, whose history was not known to anyone. A documentary is launched after the 100-year dignified history of the Sixth Battalion of RAC is completed. The entire work of RAC Sixth Battalion has been executed under the launched documentary. Through this, the glorious history of the RAC 6th Battalion is displayed.

100 years ago, the king built an army of 650 soldiers, this is history.

The documentary film, in the history of the last 100 years, has described the conduct of the robbery operation in the RAC 6th Battalion of Dholpur in addition to the peaceful manner and the battalion’s valor. District Superintendent of Police and RAC Commandant Mridul Kachawa has launched a teaser of the glorious history of RAC soldiers.

100 years ago, the king built an army of 650 soldiers, this is history.

Mridul Kachhawa says that the 6th Battalion RAC, headquartered in Dholpur, has more than 100 years of its history. This battalion was established in 1918 as a Narasimha regiment. It was renamed as Indian State Force in 1942 and after that the First Battalion RAC remained stationed here. Today we have seen RAC, which was established in Dholpur. We have made a small effort to take its glorious history to all the jawans, to the general public.

100 years ago, the king built an army of 650 soldiers, this is history.

He further explained what RAC performs as a documentary. What works The theme of the documentary is laid out by the warriors of peace. Like other forces including the Indian Army are deployed along the border of India and the police and RAC are deployed for the internal security of the country. In the same way, we are always determined to establish peace. There are eight companies in RAC and there are about thousand soldiers in it. 14 RAC jawans have contributed significantly to the Bandit-Free Rugged and Bandit-Free Dangs Campaign.

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