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Saturday, April 17, 2021


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Holiday Calendar 2021: 2021 is full of holidays, see full year calendar

In a few days, the year 2020 will now end and the new year will begin. The year 2020 is full of ups and downs. Due to Corona virus, most people have spent this year living in their homes and towards 2021

Dry Lips: Do the winters burst into the lips? These 4 domestic measures will give relief

As winters come, we reduce water consumption, which causes dryness skin and lip bursts. If you want to make your lips beautiful and soft in these winters, drink plenty of water and take these measures.

Chhath Puja 2020: Chhath Puja during Corona period, take these precautions with the fruits of Prasad

Chhath Mahaparva (Chhath Puja 2020) is celebrated with great pomp. In Chhath Puja, going to the ghat and offering arghya to the Sun God has special significance, but due to the corona virus, most people are doing this worship in their homes this year. Due to the spread of infection, people are being asked to worship with great care.

Chhath Puja 2020: Is the throat dry due to thirst during Chhath fast? These 5 tricks will give relief

The fast of Chhath (Chhath Puja 2020) is one of the most difficult fasts, because food cannot be taken away from the throat by drinking a drop of water. Often women are worried about how they will be able to keep up the sixth fast. Let us tell you how to control thirst during Chhath fast.

Most people believe in giving fraudulent partners a second chance: Study

People's choice and choice about dating and partner varies. To know about this trend, Extra Marital Dating App Gleiden has recently conducted a...

The rainy season brings many diseases, so take care of yourself

Everyone loves the rainy season, but this season brings many diseases along with it. Any infection spreads rapidly in this season. Therefore, at this...

Patanjali made coronil from these things, including Tulsi-Ashwagandha, will beat Corona

Yoga Guru Baba Ramdev on Tuesday launched the first ayurvedic medicine of corona virus in Haridwar. This drug has been made by Baba...

Food Safety Day: nutritious diet necessary for healthy life, WHO gave this information

Every year more than four lakh people die due to contaminated food. According to a report by WHO (World Health Organization), this is...

These revelations in the research on people’s sex life in lockdown

If you think that due to the lockdown, the couples are enjoying more with each other and spending more time in bed,...

Social distancing and mask required in Delhi, penalty will be imposed for breaking rules

Corona case increasing continuously in national capital DelhiGovernment is worried due to increase in corona virus casesLieutenant Governor of Delhi approved the...

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Why is there a glut of remake songs in big Bollywood films? Coincidence or compulsion

This is a remake trend in Bollywood where the old content is served spicy again. It is expected that the audience forgets the original and likes that new style, give him his love.

These are security arrangements for Republic Day and Tractor Parade in Delhi

A parade is to be held on Delhi's Rajpath today, as well as a tractor rally of farmers on the borders of Delhi. In such a situation, there are many challenges before the Delhi Police and other security agencies.

The White Tiger Review: Adarsh’s strong roar between Priyanka-Rajkumar and ‘Curved Story’

Priyanka Chopra has come to show the race between slavery and freedom. Let's know how much his film The White Tiger roar

Punjab CM Amarinder announced, Will give 5 lakh And job to the families of the farmers who have died in the movement

Many farmers have lost their lives in the ongoing farmer movement against the new agricultural laws. The government of Punjab's Captain Amarinder Singh has made a big announcement for these farmers.

Serum Institute fire: Many laborers saved life by jumping from one floor to another

When a fire broke out in an under construction building of Serum Institute of India on Thursday, some laborers working on contract were able to save their lives by jumping from one floor to another on time. Know the tragedy of laborers.