Israel-Palestine war reaches Jerusalem So the world will be at the threshold of third world war

It has been India's policy since the beginning that it has always opposed the occupation of Israel over Palestine. India's stand on Israel and Palestine has always been clean. Jerusalem has been under the United Nations since 1948. There is neither the power of Israel nor of Palestine.

If Israel deliberately wants to fight Palestine, how will it benefit her? According to experts, when Israel fought the war with Palestine, it has benefited. He captured the land of Palestine and this time he is trying the same. Experts also believe that if this war is limited to Gaza or West Bank, it is fine. If this matter reaches Jerusalem, then this world will be seen standing on the threshold of Third World War.

Before 1948, the geography of Palestine was different. Even then some Jewish refugees lived there. But then Palestine was occupied by 100 per cent of Palestinians and Israel was not in the limelight at that time. In 1948, the British broke Palestine into two. The 55 percent piece of land came in the part of Palestine and 45 percent in the part of Israel. After this, on 14 May 1948, Israel declared itself an independent country. And thus a Jewish country was born for the first time in the world.

But the war on Jerusalem was still going on. Because both Israel and Palestine wanted Jerusalem to be their capital. Then in terms of religious terms, Jerusalem was very special not only for Muslims and Jews but also for Christians. Then the United Nations came in the middle and in one way separated another piece of Palestine. Now eight percent of Jerusalem came under the control of the United Nations. While 48 per cent of the land piece remained in Palestine and 44 per cent of the piece in the part of Israel. But the battle for land continued even after this.

In 1956, 1967, 1973, 1982 Israel continued to fight Palestine and Israel continued to occupy the land of Palestine and then it was reduced to 22 percent and now 12 percent on a piece of land, first falling from 55 percent and then 48 percent. Palestine has remained confined. While officially leaving Jerusalem, Israel has occupied almost 80% of the remaining area. There are now only two areas left in the name of Palestine. One Gaza and the other West Bank. The West Bank usually remains calm. While Gaza is hot. Because Hamas has control over Gaza in a way and the current tension is between Gaza and Israel. All rackets and bombs are being dropped on Israel from this Gaza and Israel is bombing this Gaza.

India cannot support Israel.

Now the question is, with whom does India stand at this time? So the answer is that India has neither kept nor clarified its stand on this issue so far. Actually, India has two problems. To please the first Israel means deteriorating relations with Arab countries, which India does not want. And second is that India cannot even support the Israeli occupation of Palestinian land. Because doing so, there can be obstacles in regaining Pakistan-occupied Pakistan occupied Kashmir and China-occupied Aksai China. Because when we justify the illegal occupation of others, then Pakistan and China will get the opportunity of PoK and Aksai China. That is why it has been a policy of India since the beginning that it has always opposed the occupation of Israel over Palestine.

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India’s stand on Israel and Palestine has always been clean. Jerusalem has been under the United Nations since 1948. There is neither the power of Israel nor of Palestine. But during Donald Trump’s reign, Israel suddenly tried to make Jerusalem its capital. Not only this, he shifted the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. There was an uproar over this incident. The United Nations strongly condemned this move of Israel. India was also included in all the countries condemning Israel.

Apart from this, India does not even want to get angry with Arab countries to please a single Israel. India has about 121 billion dollars of trade with Arab countries. Which is 19% of India’s total foreign trade. We also import most of the oil from them. Apart from this, about one crore people of India do jobs in different Arab countries. On the other hand, our trade with Israel is only five billion dollars. That is why India is currently blowing every step on this issue.

The same situation is with many other countries of the world. Some are standing with Israel openly and some from Palestine. However, all the countries of the world divided into two groups want the issue to be resolved peacefully and the war does not come to a standstill. On Sunday, the Organization of the Islamic Organization of Islamic Cooperation held an emergency meeting and warned Israel that the consequences would be terrible if they tried to occupy the Al Aqsa’i Mosque. This meeting was called by Saudi Arabia. However, Saudi Arabia itself has given its land to American Jet Fighter. Which the US can use to help Israel if needed. Not only this, there is tension among many countries of the Organization and Islamic Cooperation, that is, the OIC.

Tension in Iran-Saudi Arabia

Iran and Saudi Arabia are two such important countries of the Middle East. Who decide the condition and direction of this entire region and these two important countries are also enemies of each other. Both have been trying for the past several years to dominate the entire Middle East. The enmity of both has been passed for a long time. Countries like America, Europe and Israel take advantage of this enmity. In this region, along with Iran, where there are countries like Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Yemen and Turkey. Along with Saudi, there are countries like Bahrain, UAE and Jordan. But the way Iran saved the Bashar al-Assad government of Syria in the last decade, it is clear that it has more dominance in the region.

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At the same time, Saudi is not only able to overcome the Houthi supporters of Yemen. And this fight, which has been going on for years, has proved to be tiring and costly for him. One reason for this is that the Saudi hands are empty in the matter of security. All his security is in the hands of America. That is why, on most occasions, the Saudis have to stand with the US, not wanting. On the issue of Israel, Saudi Arabia is not able to speak openly because of America. Experts even believe that on the issue of Palestine on which Iran and Saudi should come together, both can take different sides.

Syria’s civil war

countries that are economically strong in the Middle East and whose diplomatic status is right. They may not be directly involved in the war, but they always remain a part of the proxy war. The same is happening in the Syrian issue. Both strong Arab countries are involved in the Syrian war from behind. While Iran stands in support of the government, Saudi Arabia is supporting the rebels and terrorist organizations there to overturn the Assad government. It started with a modest protest against the Assad government 10 years ago. But seeing this, it turned into a civil war. The biggest countries of the world plunged into this war. Countries like America and Russia began to show their strength on Syrian land.

The situation has been such that the unrest in Syria has continued till 10 years ago. So far, 3 lakh 80 thousand people have been killed. Most of these deaths occurred during the period of ISIS, which was backed by Saudi Arabia or, say, the United States. But the snake that America raised itself. When he turned back and started chopping it, he had to run a military operation to show the world. According to one figure, the US and European countries are still helping the 10 dangerous organizations of Syria with money and weapons.

Jani and Iran

Are the smartest intelligence agencies in the world. Even Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who is armed with the world’s most powerful weapons and claiming to be the world’s most fearless army, is asked who are the three biggest threats to your country? So know what they say. They say Iran, Iran and Iran. Economically, diplomatically and strategically, despite all efforts by the US, European countries and Israel to paralyze Iran, if a country stands in Arabia, it is Iran. Otherwise, the examples of Iraq, Libya and Tunisia are in front of you, which these countries together destroyed.

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Even today, if someone can give competition to the world’s most powerful countries like Israel and America in the Middle East. So he is none other than the Iranian government. Iran has explicitly stated on several occasions that as long as it exists, no one can touch the Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem. Shia dominated Iran even in the current dispute. The Sunni majority stands with Palestine. Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh himself has thanked Iran for his support. Haniyeh says that the fight against Israel is not just of Hamas but of the entire Islamic world.

If Israel is threatened by Iran only to save its existence, then there are three big reasons. They are also from three sides. The first reason is the Palestinian organization Hamas on the Gaza Strip west of the capital Tel Aviv. With which Iran stands firmly with the distinction of Shia-Sunni. Is equipping him not only with money but also with rust goods. Today, if Hamas is able to compete with the Israeli army, the main reason for this is Iran.

The second reason for the fear of Israel from Iran is Hizbollah, a political organization based in its neighboring country of Lebanon in the north. At the behest of whose leader Nasrullah, millions of Lebanese people are bent on breaking up on Israel. Hezbollah frequently attacks the Israeli army with rocket launchers. It also has the support of Iran and its leader Nasrullah considers Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamnai as its leader.

The third reason for Israel’s awe is Syria in the east. Where there is presence of Iranian militia in border areas and which always remain a threat to Israel. Israel is not able to end Iran’s presence in Syria despite all its efforts. Despite US pressure in the Middle East, Israel has failed in this effort.

Behind this power of Iran, it has its own efforts. Also, the friendship of countries like China and Russia has also helped him on many occasions. Talking about Russia and China, China is trying to increase its dominance, especially in the Middle East. In the last few years, it has signed billion dollar deals with several Arab countries. It has signed a $ 400 billion deal with Iran. But why is China doing all this in Arabia, what is its intention?

China became active in the Middle East only after the Second World War. But after the discovery of oil and gas in that period, America jumped here and since then, a phase of unrest starts in this entire region. The countries which considered the arbitrariness of America became their friends and those who rejected it, either attacked the US with civil war or some other excuse or got the governments there to oust them from power. Even today, the biggest reason for the unrest in the Middle East is oil. Experts believe that once the oil starts running out in these countries, the restoration of peace will start here again.

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